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Tech insured™

We will visit your place of business to take stock of the systems you use, answer any questions you may have about your technology, and offer practical solutions to any existing problems. We provide long-term maintenence to member tech systems at half-price.
When you require a systems upgrade, we will provide it. Our members enjoy a discount to new technology purchases that increases over time, giving you the opportunity to stay current. Any technology we produce on behalf of our members is maintained at a 30% discount.

Emergency Service

Tech emergencies can occur at any time and threaten your way of life. When you have a tech emergency, you need to know you have the support you need to get you back on your feet. But you may not know when a disaster will happen.
Sourcery Studios Emergency Service gives you peace of mind by providing you with an ongoing plan to mitigate the effects of a technical disaster. If you're a Tech insured™ member, we'll pay you a visit and create a plan of action for free. We'll already have off-site backups of all your important data, and an inventory of the equipment you use. We will source materials, repair your equipment, and rebuild any systems you've lost. These services are available at a reasonable price for anyone. Tech insured™ members gain Emergency Service Points every month to help offset the cost of such emergencies up to 50%
40/hr, or 20 plus 1 Emergency Service Point/hr.

Custom System

We offer a broad range of technical systems, custom built for your business; from POS systems to high-powered information systems. We focus on the practical, every-day application of technology. We understand that some aspects of technology, like reliability, ease-of-use, and great looks, matter more to you than technical specifications like 'megs' and 'hertz.' Every machine we create is custom built to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.
Tech insured™ members enjoy up to 30% discounts on Custom System Construction.

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